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REAL (Historical) P H O T O G R A P H S



Bullock, Seth - from Adams Museum & House

Bullock, Seth

Bullock, Seth, grave at Mt. Moriah


Calamity Jane in 1880 - from Schoolnet.co.uk

Calamity Jane (seated, colorized) - from Articwebsite.com

Calamity Jane - b&w plus brief biography - from NNDB

Calamity Jane - several photographs including a rare one wearing a dress - from Romance Reader at Heart

Calamity Jane at "Wild Bill" Hickok's grave in Mt. Moriah

Calamity Jane on horseback - from Legends of America

Calamity Jane in her coffin, 1903

Calamity Jane's Rock. Custer State Park, South Dakota - from American Memory


Deadwood Gulch Main Street in 1876 - from Adams Museum & House web site

Deadwood, street scene in 1876- from American Memory

Deadwood 1876-1879, Main Street - Denver Public Library

Deadwood in 1876 - colorized

View of Deadwood Town and Residential Buildings 1887 - 1892 - from American Memory

Deadwood, S.D. circa 1900 (aerial view)
- from American Memory

Deadwood, South Dakota in 1909 (panoramic view)
- from American Memory

Deadwood Today
    Deadwood shootout and more - from Cyclerides.com
    Deadwood from above
Deadwood, Main Street
    The Bullock Hotel
Wild Bill Hickok's Grave - from Digital Deadwood
Calamity Jane's Grave - from Johnnorrisbrown.com

    Saloon #10 (Wild Bill's last stop)

    Deadwood - various photographs from Johnnorrisbrown.com
    Several Deadwood photos - USGennet


Gold mining company office of Two Bit. Near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory.

Gold miner filing his pick AND Gold Miner in his shack, AND Shack of Old gold miner, Two Bit Creek, near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory


Hickok, James Butler (various ages) - from The Outlaws

Hickok, James Butler, photograph and model of the home in IL where he grew up

Hickok, James Butler - head and shoulders photo

Hickok, Mrs. James B. [Agnes Lake Thatcher], "Wild Bill's wife - from adamsmuseumandhouse.org

Hickok, Wild Bill - various photographs of current locations

Wild Bill Hickok Monument, J.B. Riordan 1891. The rock sculpture was only in existence for ten years before being chiseled away by souvenir hunters of the day - from American Memory

Hickok, "Wild Bill", Tombstone (current)


Barn (old) in ghost mining town near Deadwood, South Dakota, circa 1903 - from American Memory

Bella Union Saloon - in Deadwood, unknown year

Catholic Cemetery, the burial place of Jack McCall in Yankton, S.D., in an unmarked grave - from Find-A-Grave

Chinese Fire Department in Deadwood - from South Dakota State Historical Society

Gem Theatre - from Legends of America

Homestead (old) of the Hardin family of Two Bit, near Deadwood, South Dakota circa 1903 - from American Memory

Hotel and boarding house (old) for single men at town of Two Bit, near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory

House (old), a remnant of mining ghost town near Deadwood, South Dakota, before 1937 - from American Memory

Houses (old), still occupied, in the abandoned town of Terry. Near Deadwood, South Dakota, before 1937 - from American Memory [note: "Calamity" Jane died in Terry].

Mount Moriah Cemetery - current photographs - from Internment.net

Mount Moriah Cemetery - multiple photographs - from realdeadwoodpodcast.com


Berg, Mrs. Christine, former boardinghouse keeper in early days of Deadwood, South Dakota, near where she now lives - from American Memory

Deadwood Chinese Fire Department, 1888 - from American Memory

Chinese Hose Teams Hub-and-Hub Race in Progress, Deadwood, Dakota, July 4th, 1888 - American Memory

McCall, Jack - it is said there is no photograph in existence.

Mining, Early in the Black Hills - several photographs from Ed's Photo Home Page

Miners in Deadwood - from Deadwood.biz

Roosevelt, President Theodore, in Cheyenne 1903 and riding from Laramine to Chenenne in May 1903 - from Frontier Days

Sketches by a fan of: Dan Dority, Al Swearengen, Calamity jane, E.B. Farnum, Trixie, Sol Star, Seth Bullock, Joanie Stubbs, Wild Bill Hickok, Rev. H.W. Smith, Ellsworth, Doc Cochran and Mr. Wu [note: these sketches are of the actors who play these characters on the HBO series, and are not from historical photographs].

South Dakota, old photographs - from South Dakota State Historical Society

Utter, Charlie, and his brother Steve at the gravesite of Wild Bill in 1876 - from Digital Deadwood


Smith, (Preacher) Henry Weston

Smith, Preacher

Smith, Preacher, burial site and tombstones - from Find-A-Grave


Deadwood Stagecoach in 1884 - from Cheyene-Deadwood Stage

Deadwood Stagecoach & Colonel William F. Cody - from Cheyene-Deadwood Stage


Star, Solomon "Sol" and the Star Bullock Hardware Store - from adamsmuseumandhouse.org

HBO: Deadwood Photographs and Mini-Movies (CalamityDan.com)

Note: All American Memory photographs can be located by visiting American Memory web site and using the search engine (type in 'Deadwood')
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